Grandfather wearing hearing aids and enjoying his grandsons fishing and playing with toy sailboat at a lake.

Have you ever awoke after a night’s sleep and heard birds singing a pleasant song through your open window? Most people probably don’t even know that the name for those bird-songs is the “dawn chorus”. For whatever reason, birds see the sun coming up and decide to start singing their favorite songs. The songs of these birds, when they’re all singing together, are a lovely symphony.

But you may not notice the “dawn chorus” at all if you have neglected hearing loss. And that’s unfortunate.

That’s especially true because it isn’t just birdsong you may be missing out on. Summer is full of amazing sounds. And if you find yourself missing out on the sounds of summer, it could be because of some undiagnosed (or diagnosed and neglected) hearing loss. But you can begin to enjoy all of those wonderful summer sounds again with the help of a device like a hearing aid.

Summer sounds

You most likely think of a really hot sun in a clear blue sky when you think about summer. But if you stay in your imagination a little longer, you’ll start adding details that make this blue sky seem more like summer, the sounds that fill out the day. You might be thinking about:

  • Something as simple as your grandkids laughing, possibly as they run about the yard or as you catch a baseball game together.
  • The sound of frogs croaking at night, especially in the early hours of the evening.
  • The babbling of a creek or the crashing of waves.
  • The sound of birds chirping, especially in the spring during, ahem, mating season. (Humans aren’t the only species to utilize love songs.)
  • The buzzing of bees as they fly around pollinating flowers and helping the landscape bloom.

You get the point. Summer is alive with amazing sounds. The experience and vibe of summer are considerably enhanced by these sounds. And these sounds in and of themselves bring great happiness.

It’s feasible that hearing loss may have snuck up on you, especially if these or any other summer sounds seem to be different to you these days. If you have recognized your hearing loss then you need to get some help with it.

Hearing aids can help you enjoy summer

For most, hearing aids are really about building relationships. They’re about communication. They make it easier to talk to others, to hear what’s going on around you, and to enjoy the sounds that you hear. And at those summer cook-outs, for instance, that’s even more relevant.

Contemporary hearing aids have some amazing technology that will help you bask in those summer sounds. For instance, most modern hearing aids offer:

  • Smartphone compatibility: You can start to enjoy all kinds of features by syncing your hearing aid to your smartphone. Many phones will now permit you to download apps that help you control the settings on your hearing aids, so you can adjust for birdsong or grandchildren’s laughter depending on what you want to hear at that time.
  • Rechargeability: Your battery will stay charged throughout the day after charging while you sleep at night. It’s much like charging your phone. And when you travel with your hearing aids, it becomes especially stress free.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: Perhaps you want some music playing while you’re out boating. Just connect the boat’s radio to your hearing aids via Bluetooth.
  • Automatic programming: You can dial in your modern hearing aids to automatically switch settings depending on the time of day or setting you find yourself in. This function makes them more effective and simpler to use.
  • Machine learning: Cutting-edge algorithms (called machine learning) can help your hearing aids adapt to what you need, even before you know you need it. This is especially handy when filtering sounds or in a loud environment.
  • Noise reduction: If you want to hear the sound of crashing waves, but not the thunder of traffic behind you, you’ll want hearing aids that can help you sort through these sounds (in the same way your ears once did). Modern hearing aids have substantial noise reduction features, so you can hear what you really want to hear.

We can help you discover how your particular hearing needs can be met by your hearing aids (you can ask us whether you can take your hearing aids into the water or on a mountain hike for instance). Hearing aids often don’t play well with water. But all in all, your hearing aids will make your summer an all around livelier experience.

Also, asking us basic questions about your hearing aid model will be a practical plan. Will your hearing aids have an issue with hot weather, for instance? And you should also ask, how can I protect my hearing aids from humidity? Depending on the model of hearing aid, the answer to these questions will differ.

Some loud sounds you may want to avoid

Some summer sounds, unlike the dawn chorus, will be harmful to your ears and you should be certain to steer clear of them. These are sounds that are, well, noisy! And they’re damaging to everyone’s ears, not just those who have pre-existing hearing loss. Some of those sounds include:

  • Live music: Outdoor concerts are a great part of summer, but they can be harmful to your hearing. This means you may want to be selective about which shows you see (rather than attending a festival every weekend).
  • Boat engines: These engines are loud, so use some caution about proximity and duration. Try not to keep the motor idling when you’re fishing. Or, an even better plan would be to use some earplugs.
  • Fireworks: The dogs are on to something. Your hearing can definitely be harmed by fireworks. This includes both commercial and home launched fireworks. It’s best for your hearing to keep away from fireworks completely.

This is only a partial list. Summer fun for individuals who have hearing loss might not include quite as many of those fireworks and loud noise situations.

But even with hearing loss you probably won’t want to avoid every loud summer activity. So what can you do? Wearing ear protection is the best option. For example, before you go to a concert, put in a set of earplugs so you can reduce most of the damage. You just need to make sure you’re using effective ear protection.

Appreciate the sounds of summer

As the heat of summer gets more oppressive, if you are dealing with hearing loss, the summer sounds may seem like they’re getting further away. And that means you might miss a lot of the season’s joy.

So you may need to pay us a visit if you want to make sure you get the most from your summer. We will be able to figure out whether your hearing is failing or not, and what type of hearing aid will be best for your situation.

So start here if you’re ready to enjoy the dawn chorus. And you’ll also be able to enjoy all of the other awesome summer sounds.

Get the most from your ears this summer and beyond. Call us for a hearing assessment and discover if hearing aids are the right option for you.

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